Ross Roses is a unique nursery. We are one of the few in the world that develop our own varieties, select and introduce yearly,grow plants in our fields and sell direct to the gardener.

Our breeding program is performed by a small team in November and December and again in March and April.

Prior to winter seed pods are collected, seeds removed, stratified and planted in seed raising beds.

When these seeds germinate in spring members of our staff identify seedlings with potential and mark with colour coded tags.

Selected seedlings are planted in trial beds and assessed for a further 3-4 years for suitability to Australian conditions and marketability.

Each year we perform over 40,000 crosses and plant over 250,000 seeds. Our breeding program consists of three sections.

1. New variety creations. Making new varieties through careful consideration of parents and performing a controlled pollination.

2. Variety improvement. Trying to improve popular varieties on the market through selective pollination. Improvements in health, flowering performance and fragrance are our main objectives.

3. Variety variation. Using a controlled pollination we try to provide gardeners of variations of some of the most popular varieties for gardens.

We now have an apricot and deep pink variation of 'Seduction' and working on of the popular climber 'Pierre de Ronsard' variations