January Be sure that your roses are well mulched, and are given good deep watering so that they do not dry out, especially if you are going on holidays. Keep the spent blooms trimmed off, cut with short stems.
February Lightly trim all over to bring on the autumn display.  Fertilize with a small to medium handful of ‘Complete D’ or rose fertilizer per plant. Continue watering once a week.
March Good quality autumn blooms usually commence late in the month.  Aphids often appear and should be checked. Prune winter flowering varieties now (Lorraine Lee, Nancy Hayward).
April The best autumn display.  Now is the time to select new roses for future plantings, order while they are fresh in your mind. Prepare the soil for new plantings. Mildew may appear following cool dewy nights.
May Some good blooms continue into the month.  Don’t let blackspot or mildew get out of hand or it will be harder to control next spring.

Plants are going dormant, leaves drop, but occasional flowers.  Planting time for new plants. Pruning may commence late in the month.

July Pruning time for most districts.  Rake up cuttings and leaves and burn them, hoe, rake and tidy up, then spray thoroughly with copper oxy chloride then winter oil.
August Delay pruning in frosty districts until now.  Bare root plants can be planted until mid month, after which you should plant out roses only growing in pots.
September Bushes should be in full spring growth.  Watch for symptons of ‘Wilt and Dieback’ disease. Mildew may also appear. Important to control aphids on the growing shoots. Mulch the rose bed to retain moisture and smother weeds; straw, woodchips, bark chips, seaweed, or any other similar organic material is suitable.
October Main flush of spring blooms will commence later in the month.  Major rose shows are held now. Species and old world roses bloom at various times throughout October and November.
November Good blooms continue well into the month, especially the floribundas.  Remove spent blooms, then give a light dressing of fertilizer when the blooms have finished.
December Continue steady watering. Watch out for spider mites during hot, dry weather – wetting the foliage and surrounding soil discourages them.