Charity or Cause roses were the initiative of Deane Ross back in 1986 with a rose introduced to aid The Rotary Club of Marion with Jubilee 150. Since this first rose we have now helped 41 charities and organisations with roses to celebrate an anniversary or a special occasion.

Ross Roses are the leading company in Australia for these projects.

Some of the special roses we have supplied over the past 35 years are:

‘Australian Red Cross’ – Red Cross Centenary
‘Salvation’ – Salvation Army
‘Courage’ – Canteen organisation
‘The Children’s Rose’ – Children’s Hospital
‘Pink Ribbon’ – Breast Cancer
‘Philadelphia’ – Ronald McDonald House
‘Kilbreda Centenary’ –  College Centenary
‘Thank You 02’  –  Year of the Volunteer
‘Loreto Gold’ –  School Centenary
‘Valour’ – Repatriation Hospital, Daw Park

We are always available to discuss your needs and have many roses available for these purposes however it can take considerable time to arrange so several years notice is required.

We also have many other variations which we have operated for those who unfortunately do not qualify for a brand new rose.