Ross Roses has a long and proud association with some of the finest public rose gardens in Australia. Every state and territory has our roses planted in their gardens many using our knowledge and experience to deliver the best varieties for these gardens. 

We are also proud to have such a close relationship with Councils who have used our consultancy services to create many municipal parks and gardens in their area. We have worked with over 50 Councils across Australia many regular clients.

Adelaide Botanic Gardens – Adelaide, South Australia

Considered the finest rose garden in the state when first developed this garden covers a huge range of roses from the early Species through to a large number of Teas and one of the largest collections of early Australian bred roses. The main features are the modern roses many which are not located in any other location. Recently the National Rose Trial Grounds have been moved there destroying the neatness of the garden but adding the extra aspect of seeing some of the newest roses prior to being available to the public.

Waite Institute – Adelaide, South Australia

What I consider the finest hidden treasure Rose Gardens in Australia.

On the property of the late Peter Waite has been developed the 20th Century Rose Garden. Deane Ross carefully researched the most significant roses in the decade of the 20th century and designed by Adelaide Landscaping guru Viestas Ceillans this garden has both style and history. To visit visitors walk through a small gateway in a hedge off Claremont avenue to view this wonder.

Carrick Hill – Adelaide, South Australia

Carrick Hill is one of the stately mansions in Adelaide located in the foot hills of the South East suburbs. Only a short walk from Waite Institute this garden features early modern, Heritage Roses and the largest garden in South Australia of Alister Clark varieties. Open for lunch visitors can sit in the open air viewing the roses with the City of Adelaide in the background. Ross Roses is proud to have been selected to help upgrade some areas of the garden including some rare early Hybrid Tea varieties located along the main path to the home.

Rymill Park – Adelaide, South Australia

Rymill Park would have to be one of the finest Rose Gardens within the Adelaide City parklands. Large beds using one variety give an incredible display when in flower. Another section showcases a larger selection of varieties in smaller numbers all maintained to high standards through members of the Adelaide Council team.

Veale Gardens – Adelaide, South Australia

Although lessor in prominence it is not lessor in quality of roses. Large numbers of each variety feature wonderfully in long beds. Mostly newer created varieties some old favourites can still be seen to show their quality amongst newer introductions. A side garden created to honour Deane Ross using his favourite roses has sadly been removed however this does not lessen the experience visiting this garden. Used extensively for wedding ceremonies and pictures.

Centennial Park – Adelaide, South Australia

Although a cemetery Centennial Park possesses I feel the largest number of roses in any one site. Thousands of roses are planted at grave sites and the War graves area yet it is the landscaped gardens created around the walls of remembrance which give visitors to the garden the most satisfaction. Maintained by a team of well-trained rosarians this garden is a significant site for roses. 

Willunga Rose Garden – Willunga, South Australia

Created to celebrate Willunga’s 150th a town garden was created. In 2010 a major renovation of the existing garden was conducted using totally Australian developed roses. 30 of the newest rose varieties were propagated and donated by Ross Roses to this garden making it the largest garden using just Australian bred roses. Always in flower this garden is testament to the quality some Australian bred roses have and just how placing in large beds gives an incredible sight.


Victoria State Rose Garden – Werribee, Victoria

Thanks to the generous supply of plants from Ted Treloar this garden has been created. I feel is the finest rose garden in Australia. Now established the garden has expanded from the initial design to incorporate several other sections. The garden covers most rose types with Modern, Climbers, Standards featured and recently a large collection of Heritage rose and Australian bred. If only one garden can be seen in a lifetime I feel it would be this garden.

Morwell Centenary Rose Garden

Covering 2 ½ hectares and possessing 4,000 bushes it features many rose types however the section dedicated to Australian and New Zealand rose breeders is a highlight. Awarded the World Federation of Rose Societies Garden of Excellence award, only the second garden in Australia to receive this award.  Open to the public and disabled accessible this garden is a must to see if visiting or living in Melbourne. We feel honoured to be asked to help source varieties and supply so making this garden very personal to us

Old Parliament House Garden – Canberra, ACT

In the mid 1990’s Milton Simms from outside Canberra asked Ross Roses to help create a significant rose garden to the North and South of Old Parliament House. Months of planning saw this garden created and now is a significant rose garden in Australia. The garden possesses several sections each with speciality plants. Heritage Roses, Australian bred, English Roses and many Modern varieties are all used.

National Parliament House – Canberra, ACT

Few roses are located in the National Parliament House however Ross Roses was proudly selected to supply a bed of roses to honour an organisation. The bed located towards the side of the main drive features the ‘Zonta Rose’ and although not visited recently was still in this location. In the future we hope other areas of this site could be found to feature roses created in Australia for all Australians.

Newtown Park – Toowoomba, Queensland

Some say roses do not grow well in Queensland. Mostly it is certain varieties do not do well in Queensland and Newtown Park is an example of roses that do well. Many types of roses are grown here with a feature being the Toowoomba Trial Grounds created by the late Rod Hultrglen. The trials test roses in this location to find the finest roses for these conditions. Ross Roses has received several awards with Amazing Grace (gold) and Brilliant Star (gold) our best results.

Frank’s Country Garden

The further north into Queensland the less likely roses will be grown. That is unless you are Frank from McKay. The garden he has created is a wonder and shows what roses are successful. Given the right variety selection the tropical climate makes things grow and flower better than many other locations we have seen. Even when hit with 1,000mm of rain in several days. The Tea roses are featured highly and some Australian bred roses also. Frank says ‘St Francis Xavier is the best rose in his entire garden’. We thank him for the information he provides which in turn we can help others in these tropical areas.