Ross Roses is a retail nursery supplying rose plants direct to the home gardener. We do not have any middle nursery who we supply so to obtain a Ross rose customers deal directly with us.

As our collection is large many landscapers, councils and corporations require our plants so do provide roses to the trade. Terms and conditions do apply and prices are dependent on availability, rarity, or if propagated to order.

Our winter bare-root selling season starts 1st June and continues until 31st August. Season can extend depending on winter temperatures. Orders officially can be placed from 1st January however rare varieties can be ordered from end of winter season with deposit paid.

Pot sales occur from 1st October through to 30th April. Pots are available for local collection or Adelaide delivery. (Office closed if over 38 degrees forecast).


Being a specialist nursery we list the largest collection of roses in Australia. Our main specialty is hard to find varieties with Heritage Roses, Australian developed and early introduced varieties.

With so many new varieties entering the market every year our policy for new introductions is as follows:

  • We must have trialled extensively so the consumer will be getting a quality new introduction with NO risk.
  • Must be better than an existing variety on the market or different to fill a niche.
  • Priority will be given to Australian developed roses ahead of those from overseas.

This policy has seen very few new varieties make our list as most do not come up to our high expectations. Some varieties are exclusive to certain nurseries which we will not grow as a matter of courtesy.

For reliability and protection of vital resources all our plants are grown as two year old plants. Letting the plants grow slowly helps build strong plants saving water and fertiliser giving our customers the best plants able to handle relocation to a new garden.

As the size of each variety varies it is not possible to compare the size of specific varieties with other varieties. It is also not possible to compare the size of a variety with those from other growers. Our priority is to deliver a plant at the ideal size able to be relocated into a garden with the least amount of transplant shock. All our plants are well hardened giving them the best chance of getting established.

For reliability and flexibility we grow all our own plants. This gives us total control of what we have available and the ability to advise if shortages are predicted.


The price of our roses is based on the difficulty to propagate and rarity of the variety. Some varieties have plant protection royalties which are included in the price.

Prices change on 1st April each year and new prices supersede old prices.

In the case of conflicting prices with on line, catalogue or price lists the lower price listed will be honoured.


ON LINE – Our web site can make ordering easy through the shopping cart which comes direct to our office for attention. Quick, direct and safe. We also offer personal contact for those who need advice.
PHONE – Please call (08) 8556 2555 and talk with our office members who can help both taking the order and variety information.
TEXT – We have a dedicated Text number 0432 202 943 for direct ordering or queries.
COUNTER SALES – Our office hours for visiting customers are 10am to 4pm Monday to Saturday. By appointment at other days.
EMAIL – Orders can be emailed to us at
– All orders placed with us are confirmed by post, text or email. Please check all details are correct and advise if changes need to be made. If no contact made we will assume details are correct and order will stand.
CHANGES – Changes to your order are accepted up until your plants have been collated. We reserve the right to not change the order if major changes are made after the order has been completed. No changes will be accepted once the order has been sent.
CANCELLATION – Orders may be cancelled so long as the order has not been completed. As we allocate plants on a first come basis we reserve the right to hold payment refunded until the ordered varieties can be allocated to other customers.
PAYMENT – Ross Roses require all orders to either be paid in full. Special arrangements may be made by contacting the office. We can accept:
EFT payment – 105 108 02 317 8840
CHEQUE  – made out to Ross Roses.
CASH – if paying in person in the office.
CREDIT CARD – Mastercard and Visa (No fees apply)


Roses can be collected at the nursery from the expected date we provide. A text message or email will advise when an order is ready. All interstate orders are sent by Australia Post. A tracking number can be provided when the order is posted.

We have quarantine approval to send plants to all states including Western Australia and Tasmania however we regret we cannot send to Northern Territory. With State Government Quarantine charges we must add $10.00 per order to cover this cost, plus postage.


Ross Roses has a full replacement guarantee for any of our roses that we grow and sell and have been purchased by our customers.

On the rare occasions customers may experience problems with some of our plants our policy is to correct any problems customers experience either in the same year or if sold out the following year. If we cannot provide the plant required and the customer does not want a substitute a refund will be offered.

Plants that are slow to grow, but have not died, we cannot automatically replace as many factors are out of our control once plants leave our care. If any problems are experienced we do like to know as early as possible as in most cases simple procedures can be implemented which should help the rose to grow.

Roses that turn out to be incorrectly labelled can often not be known for some time. We offer a full replacement on roses that are wrongly labelled for 12 months after receiving.

Each individual variety possesses specific growth characteristics so if a customer considers they received a poor plant it could be typical of that cultivar. Our guarantee is for plants to grow successfully and not the size of the plant provided.

To qualify for a replacement please provide the following.

  • Name and address of customer who ordered the plant with order number if known.
  • Photos of the plant in question to text number 0432 202 943 or email

The following are not covered automatically by our Guarantee but we welcome contact for we may be able to help. Please also provide a photo of the problem with the rose prior to calling.

Not watered after planting.
Eaten by animals.
Sprayed with weedicide.
Over fertiliser causing burn.
Left in the sun before planting.

Our business has been built on exceptional consumer relations and we will only be happy when your roses are growing to your satisfaction.


If you change your mind for any reason we offer a full refund on any order placed through this web site.

Orders must not have been made up or sent for refund to apply. Please contact the office as soon as possible to avoid order proceeding if unsure if you want to proceed.

We welcome contact with the office if for any reason you do not wish to proceed with the order outside these terms however we do reserve the right to complete the order as per instructions if we feel it is not possible to comply with the request.


Disclaimer: The colour images and descriptions provided in our catalogue, on our website and our rose labels are to be used as a guide only. We endeavour to provide as accurate images as is possible and every care is taken to accurately describe growth habits.

However, other factors such as Australia’s varied climatic conditions and soil types can affect flowering and growth. A rose which is different to our images or descriptions does not necessarily indicate that the rose is wrong.

In addition flower colour will be influenced by environmental conditions during flower bud formation and may vary to that depicted in our images or descriptions. These colour variations should correct with subsequent flower flushes.