The name Ross would unquestionably be linked with some of the finest roses grown in Australian gardens. Few gardens would not possess a variety identified and released by the Ross family.

Some will see our list without a lot of recent introductions. With so many roses being introduced each year we only will add a new variety if it is better than an existing one, fills a gap in the list for colour, size, flower form, or is Australian developed.

Too many times we have been told of new introductions not coming up to expectation. We believe our customers should not have to ‘trial’ a new variety, as it is our job to fully test any new rose prior to making it to our list. Many just do not make it.

Our priority currently is Australian Bred roses. With locally bred roses most of the testing has been performed by the breeder prior to selecting for introduction and all we have to do is verify the breeder’s observations.

A large trial bed is always being added to with locally bred roses, which we continue to monitor through phases of the varieties growth in different climatic conditions.