Ross Roses has always been an industry leader through innovation and development. Deane being an inventor, made many rose growing machines and through knowledge of what was needed, also developed techniques few others used.

Some of Deane’s creations were a ‘budding bike’ for plant propagation, a bundling machine to tie rose orders together, the first over-row tractor for spraying and digging, and pot handing lifters prior to any other nursery. He was instrumental in the changing from budding plastic to a rubber strip, with many tests to find the correct strength rubber.

Also Deane’s son Andrew has seen the need to change from overhead watering to in-line drippers increasing crop size and saving 2/3 of water used. In conjunction with a computer friend they created Australia’s first rose nursery web-site and ordering system for speed and accuracy.

however the way their minds work if something is not efficient may need to be created.