Ross Roses is a unique company like few others in Australia, covering all aspects of the rose from hybridising and introducing new varieties through to growing and selling direct to the customer.

We take care in creating all the plants we sell and are not mass plant producers. This gives us total control of our plant quality and accuracy with very few plants ever needing replacement. We do adhere to the old ways to create ‘hard’ plants which are ideal for relocation into customers gardens. To care for the environment we do try to make the largest possible size plant with the smallest amounts of natural resources. Having all our plants as 2 year old’s the amount of feed and water is only used when required saving these precious commodities. Integrated pest management is not known by many but uses natural methods to control as many rose problems as we can without the need for chemicals.

Our specialties are the old Heritage roses, early developed varieties from those introduced in early 1900’s together with the largest collection of Australian bred roses, both old and new. To complete our list are the all time favourites from all over the world and grown successfully here in Australia. In total close to 1,000 varieties we stock with many others in our collection able to be sourced if the need arises.

Our philosophy is to provide our customers with a rose plant that will be in perfect condition to grow in their gardens, always be correct, and be backed by cultural information few others can match. A full replacement guarantee is always there in case of problems.