Samsara   Cycle of life  –   a new beginning

To celebrate India’s 75th Anniversary of Independence 1947 – 1922 .  The Australian Government commissioned the selection and naming of a new Australian rose for the occasion and chose one from Ross Roses of South Australia.  Bred by rose hybridist Andrew Ross this strongly perfumed rose also celebrates the partnership and achievements of Indian-Australian communities.

SAMSARA rose has ruffled cupped blooms in shades of soft pink, flowering in profusion through spring and autumn with good coverage over summer, on a densely foliaged bush 1.5m tall and 1m wide.

An extremely healthy bush it could be added to a mixed rose bed or allowed to flower on its own along a path or steps, or placed in a collection of pots on the patio where it’s delicious scent can be fully appreciated.

Colour: Pink

Height: Medium

Scent:  Strong