Reputation – Ross Roses is Australia’s oldest purely retail rose nursery. To last this length of time gardeners must consider what we do is right and the products we sell grow up to expectation. 

Knowledge – With such a wealth of knowledge gained in this time we can help like few others can. We constantly are conducting testing of various areas of rose growing to be able to give gardeners accurate information on growing of roses.

Quality – Qualities differ between companies however we believe in the traditional well hardened plants which are given the best chances of survival. All our plants are 2 year old and sold at their optimum size meaning plants rarely die and few suffer from any dying back.

Range – No other grower in Australia can offer the range we possess. Whether available every year or needed to be personally developed our list covers a vast range of old and new varieties.

Confidence – As we grow all our plants ourselves we have confidence in their accuracy and ability to grow successfully. However if any problems are experienced we offer a Guarantee and will replace as soon as possible.