For rose growers in Western Australia who have foliage that appear like this, it is likely Chilli Thrip is the cause. The insects are about 2 millimetres long, flat tornedo shaped body, about 2 millimetres long, coloured pale or translucent to black. Roses appear with distorted leaves and some look burnt, flowers and new shoots are deformed. The larvae feed on plant tissue, early symptoms include a clear discolouration of the leaf with black dots. Leaves may curl and dry up. Most active in Spring, Summer, and early Autumn, they thrive in hot humid conditions.


First try ‘Eco Oil’ or ‘Neem’ base products as an organic approach. If this fails use ‘Confidor’ and alternate with ‘Success Ultra’ which are systemic sprays and last for up to six weeks, but can severely impact on beneficial insects.

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