Can be damaging espacially in dry conditions. The steel grey-black beetles are under 10mm in length. You see the result rather than the weevil, for they chew a saw-tooth pattern into the lower leaves.

Sometime can be confused with damage caused by caterpillars, except the main difference is the location of the damage. Caterpillars work higher up in the plant and the weevil damage occurs mainly on the lower leaves. This is where they hide during the day under the dry mulch or loose dry soil at the base of the plant. Most of the damage occurs during the night hours.


Best way to control is by flooding the ground with water by either forming a moat around the plant or continued deep soaking of the area with drippers or a hose. This also helps the plant to form new leaves and establish quicker so the problem also seems less obvious.

Can spray with ’Confidor’

Other Problems