Not a typical looking specimen but a mass of woody growth at, or just under the soil. Not commonly found and can be easily confused with Aerial Canker.

Caused by a soil bacteria entering a wound in the rose. A proliferation of growth occurs as the bacterium grows and the rose tries to health the wound.

Not much can be done once a rose infected except taking out the plant. The bacteria in the soil affects future roses growing in the same region. Soil can be removed or fumigate the area. As only enters the plants through a wound it may be best to grow in a pot until another plant is established.



Roses do have pests and diseases that can attack them at different times. Please look at examples provided and then decide what looks closest to what you have. Click on the image to find out what the problem is and how to correct it.

There are other rarer problems which are not covered here. If none of the images show what you have please either email a photo to or text image to 0432 202 943 and we will identify the problem for you.

Other Problems